Gems found on Chekmark Eats January 11 2016, 0 Comments

Looking for new spots around the city to explore your palette? 

Chekmark Eats is a food blog focusing on the best restaurants and bakeries to visit in New York City and named one of the "Best NY Food Blogs" by Huffington Post. 

Here are some gems we found there that absolutely need to be explored ASAP:


Via Carota

"I didn’t hear or see too much about Via Carota after it opened which in fact was a blessing because I decided to check it out last minute and like Bob Marley said, "Is this love that I'm feeling?” instantly took over me."


Vinegar Hill House

"Vinegar Hill House is a quirky, cottage-like restaurant in Brooklyn made for those who just want to show up and grub without caring where they are “supposed” to be."


The Fat Radish

"The Fat Radish is an off-the-beaten-path, Lower East Side spot offering a rotating seasonal menu and locally-sourced veggies. The airy, open space decorated with flowers, trees and picnic tables tricks you into thinking you are in an outdoor garden."


How perfect are these spots? Thanks Chekmark Eats- time to stuff my face.