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Top 5 East Village Parks to Get Boozy

June 28, 2016

Top 5 East Village Parks to Get Boozy

It’s a hot day. No work, or maybe a sunny lunch break. You and your friends are looking to nibble, sip, and hopefully sit outdoors. All you need is a crisp, cold bottle of rosé and life is already seeming a little prettier, no?  

Grab your picnic basket and pick out your wine, and get ready to rock out with your booze out!  Make sure you conceal your vino, while you won't get arrested you can still receive a summons. Time to lift our glasses (or plastic cups) with a big hip hip hooray! 

Here's our top five picks for picnicking in or near the East Village:
(Click on the name of each park for google maps location).

 Washington Square Park.  Photo via
Washington Square Park.  Photo via

1)  Washington Square Park.  Only a short walk from the store with plenty of shade and grass to lay out without getting burnt to a crisp. You’ll find it is busy on most days but only with people trying to do the same as you: relax! Washington Square Park has several entrances but the closest one to the store is on: Washington Square North & 5th Ave. 

Tompkins Square Park.  Photo via
Tompkins Square Park.  Photo via

2)  Tompkins Square Park.  Located in Alphabet City, the park has grown into quite the spot.  If you're looking for a little more quiet and less of a scene than WSQ this is a good place to find it. Tompkins Square Park can be entered at: E 9th Street & Avenue A

Liz Christy Community Garden.  Photo via Garrett Ziegler on Flickr.
Liz Christy Community Garden.  Photo via Garrett Ziegler on Flickr.

3)  Liz Christy Community Garden.  One of New York’s first community gardens, it has maintained its original essence: quietness and space away from the NYC hustle and bustle.  So go ahead, relax while some turtles swim in the park’s pond and hundreds of years of history envelope you. Escape to this Garden: E Houston Street between 2nd Ave. & Bowery.

Creative Little Garden.  Photo via LuciaM on Panoramio.
Creative Little Garden.  Photo via LuciaM on Panoramio.

4) Creative Little Garden.  Our first park actually in the East Village! It will seem secret or hidden at first, but it is completely open to the public. Located on E 6th St. this “little” garden offers benches and shady trees, which you know are essential in this hot, humid weather.  Lined with nice stones and a variety of greenery, you will definitely feel as though you’ve left the city to your own private oasis. Psst!: 530 E 6th Street between Avenue A & Avenue B.

6BC Botanical Garden.  Photo via LuciaM on Panoramio.
6BC Botanical Garden.  Photo via LuciaM on Panoramio.

5)  6BC Botanical Garden.  Another spot right on E 6th Street in the East Village. The garden is very eco-friendly…solar power, composting, all the important stuff. But, most importantly! It has lots of private areas to sit, along with benches lined underneath a long veranda.  Doesn’t it all sound perfect with a glass of wine in hand and a basket full of your favorite foods? E 6th between Avenue B & Avenue C.  

You can also take it to the next level with this wine and park pairing guide on PureWow:

The best wine to sneak into every NYC Park on PureWow.
The best wine to sneak into every NYC Park on PureWow.


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