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Greatest Summer Hits

September 05, 2016

Greatest Summer Hits

You tasted, you rated, and we heard you!  From Memorial Day to Labor Day, these are the chart toppers, the highest rated, and the most celebrated wines of the summer of 2016.   


Every time you pour and rate at Taste, you’re not only collecting the points (wine is so much more fun than Pokemon Go), but each rating is a vote.  There were plenty of wines that got votes off the island this summer.  You remember trying something “watery and bland” this summer?  Well, no, neither do we. 

There’s nothing like our favorite light & fruity anthems to aid our festive flashbacks, or pool side nostalgia.  So stock up with these hits and and keep the soundtrack going into the weekend.

Taste Wine Co. presents this definitive list of the top 5 jams of summer 2016.

These juicy wines are ranked on each wine's performance on the Taste Wine Co. app during the summer.  Factors include: number of ratings and stars, bottles sold, and number of individuals who submitted their rating after tasting each wine.  For any wines lacking written reviews, star rating and bottles sold became primary indicator.

Signature Rose

1)  Signature Chateau de Brigue Cotes de Province Rosé   

“Crisp and refreshing, and great price point!”  5 stars - Melissa L  July 3

“Perfect balance of sweet and dry.” 5 stars  -Skye K, June 11

This one was also rated the best wine to sneak into Central Park.

Replay the hit HERE

Rose summer

2) Le Petit Gueissard VdP Mediterranee Provence Rosé
Grenache/Garnacha, Cinsault, Syrah/Shiraz

Revisit the fun in the sun HERE

sav blanc

3)  Pikorua Sauvignon Blanc 
Sauvignon Blanc 

“Nice upfront fruit, balanced with a structured acidity.” 4 stars  -William K, May 10th

“Amazing! Spicy complex. Tastes like its straight from Hobbiton.” 4 stars - Moira C, May 7th

“Loved it got a case!!! First time.” 5 stars - Brandon C, July 8th

Cheers with this top hit HERE


Photo: Taste Wine Co. Instagram

4)  Underwood Pinot Noir CAN
Pinot Noir

Underwood's wine in a can took the beaches, pools, and boats by storm this summer!  A great option for these places where you cannot take glass!

Pack your pool side punch HERE

whispering angel IG

Photo from:  Whispering Angel Instagram

Whispering Angel Rosé
Rhone Blend

rose monday soul ccyle

Nothing like Rosé Mondays with Stevie at SoulCycle NoHo to relieve your stress.  

Remember the day HERE

So pump up the stereo and pop the rosé, and tune into one of Taste Wine Co's Summer of 2016 Greatest Hits.  


MARK YOUR CALENDAR:  Taste Wine Co will be hosting an "Endless Summer Rosé Soirée on Thursday, September 22, 7-9pm.  A rosé tasting and fashion pairing event celebrating our favorite things of summer.  Join our email list for invites and updates!  

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