HACKS TO GET A BOTTLE OF WINE COLD ASAP August 25 2016, 0 Comments

By: Eleni Gray 

We all have our preferences when it comes to wine and its temperature. With that said, I have yet to meet a soul that doesn't appreciate a perfectly cold glass of white or rosé wine. You know the kind of glass I'm talking about. The one with the cold sweat running down the glass. Yeah, that one. 

And doesn't it just suck when you go to your favorite wine store and they have your favorite bottle of wine or a wine your super pscyhed to try but, it's just not cold?

We're here to help you make that bottle cold. Fast. 

It's a simple method. Take your bottle of room temperature of wine home. Take a cloth or even a paper towel. Wet that piece of fabric, whatever it may be, with cold water. Wrap it around your bottle, stick it in the freezer for 10-15 minutes. Voila! Cold, mouthwatering wine. Without diluting ice cubes...

There are other hacks to getting wine cold fast, especially if you're trying to get a lot of wine cold fast. Say you buy a case? Take a bucket, fill it with ice, water, and salt (yep, salt) and stick those bottles right in. It should take no more than 10 minutes for them to get perfectly cold for the party. 

Here's a cute tip I learned from some research for those people who love frozen grapes. Already have them in your fridge? Use them as ice cubes. It's silly and fun for having guests over, or just for yourself at home alone maybe watching Friends with Benefits and potentially pouring over a text you should or shouldn't send. I don't know... just a hypothetical. Then at the end you get to eat those yummy (alcoholic) grapes! 

I hope this helped! They're the best tips I've found and we all love our wine cold. Enjoy!!