What makes Natural Wine..."Natural"? August 18 2016, 0 Comments

By: Eleni Gray

Let's figure out together what everyone is calling "natural" wine. 

Photo via catalanwine365.wordpress.com


So everyone wants to know what natural wine is and why it's so different from the regular bottle they take home after that grueling day at work.

It's pretty simple. natural wine is exactly what it sounds like: naturally made without additives or added sulfites.

In more detail, natural winemakers use organically or biodynamically grown grapes that are typically raised in a "dry farm" setting. Dry farming is a term used to describe farms that do not use irrigation to cultivate crops. A lot of the times this means there are fewer grapes to choose from on a natural wine vineyard.

The grapes must be handpicked; essentially the only time the human comes in contact with the grape/wine until its consumed. Natural winemakers let the grapes do the talking & walking.

These winemakers do not add any sugars, yeast, flavors, or sulfites. They also refrain from using techniques to adjust the wine's natural acidity, color, mouth feel, or any other palatable traits.

The grapes "wear the pants" (or power skirt) in this process.

One of the best ways to find out what natural wine is besides reading about how it's made is to actually taste it.

On Friday, August 19th, Taste Wine Co. will be holding a free tasting of our natural wine in store called "Le Grand Carré" and of our orange wine (remember him?) "Dinavolino."

Every wine has a unique narrative created by each and every taster. Come by to discover what narrative you create.