Blind Tasting 8/23

Are you quite confident in your wine knowledge? Tasting abilities? Or your palate? Come test out your palate in our Blind Tasting Wine Class. Blind tasting wine is basically the attempt to identify the grape varietal, region and sometimes the vintage of the wine without having access to the information found on the labels. For 90 minutes you will be tested like a Sommelier. But we will help you out. We will give you certain tips and clues to help you mentally understand the task at hand, walk you through a tasting exercise of each wine and finally give you some time to make your decision. The details of each wine will be revealed by the end of the class to see if you passed with flying colors or crashed and burned. Certified sommelier and wine educator, Charles Springfield, will be the class instructor. Charles has been teaching wine classes in New York City for the last seven years. 7:30pm

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