Greenbar Distillery Ixa Silver Tequila

Some tequilas offer deep flavor, but exact a burn. Others taste smooth yet lack flavor. At Greenbar Distillery, we made IXÁ Tequila so you wouldn’t have to compromise. Our clever co-founders decided to fuse old tequila making practices that produce immense flavor and aroma with modern wine-making techniques that create a velvety finish.

What is it: Organic tequila

Taste: Rich agave, herbs, and clay, with a buttery finish

How to use: Margaritas! Or mix with aromatic liqueurs, bitters, or vermouth

IXÁ Silver Tequila ingredients: Organic 100% heartland blue agave… and spring water so you don’t fall over

Good to know: IXÁ Tequila is gluten free, organic and vegan with no added sugar


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