The Girvan Patent Still Scotch No 4 Apps

Built in 1963, under the direction of Charles Gordon, the great-grandson of William Grant, Girvan was the most advanced distillery in the world at the time. The very first still continues making great whisky to this day. Known as 'No.1 Apps' — a distillery term for apparatus — it was joined by 4 other stills following 50 years. This included a new type of still introduced in 1992 to enable a unique process — MPS distillation. Distilling at various pressures — and under vacuum in particular — allows us to vapourise and distill at lower temperatures. This resulted in a sweeter, fruitier, cleaner and purer spirit.

In 1992 we installed a pioneering new still which we named ‘No. 4 Apps’ – a distillery term for ‘apparatus’.

This unique still, operated under a vacuum, permits distillation at low temperatures. Delivering a pure, vibrant and fruity single grain spirit, ripe for maturation in our vanillin rich American Oak.

This unique single grain whisky is distilled from two multi-pressure stills – No.4 and No.5 Apps. The vacuum distillation, at low temperature, creates a pure, fruity and intense spirit perfect for maturation in vanillin rich American Oak.

The result is Deliciously Different.


Category: scotch, Spirits, whiskey

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